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"I came to Able Therapy for post stroke therapy. They are so wonderful and caring and professional. They helped me get stronger and recover some movements and balance. They explained the reason for each thing that they did so I understood how it was helping my body and what muscles are being used. Each session made me hopeful that I was soon getting back to normal. I will recommend Able Therapy to everyone!! They are a blessing!! "
Aug 25, 2023
"I will keep this short .. Able staff is old school, treating the patient as an individual, with respect and compassion. This is a big part of pain and injury recovery. I can attest to the difference in the improvement of my wife in the 9 sessions she has had with Able versus months and years with the largest hospital in NE PA.. They are the Jiffy lube of health care. Please, for your own health and the health of your loved ones, if you or they are in need of physical therapy, compassion , respect and dedicated people, go to Able. PS: They were a blessing. "
Jan 12, 2023
"I tore my right rotator cuff and had surgery to repair it. A month after surgery, I went to Able in Williamsport and started therapy. The staff there is very friendly and professional. After only three months, my doctor released me and I no longer needed therapy. The only thing I can say is they are not therapists, they are miracle workers (at least in my case). I realize not everyone will have the same experience with them as me, but I could not be happier with Able. I HIGHLY recommend them."
Oct 01, 2022
"Able "Eric" was very knowledgeable and very polite. He did help me, and I appreciate his help. I would recommend Able to anyone. "
Sep 06, 2022
"I would like to give Able a big shout out and a Big thank you for all of their help and concerns they showed me after my total knee replacements. The staff truly cares about the people they help. And of course I can forget Kuno he always made me smile.(hope I spelled his name right) ruff ruff !!"
Sep 08, 2017


“Outstanding service and quality care. After Jonathan helped alleviate the pain my wife was suffering from having a torn rotator cuff, I couldn’t think of a better person to help my son recover from a severe ankle sprain prior to competing this upcoming season on a nationally ranked college soccer team. He worked closely with my son concentrating on strengthing the ankle for the upcoming season. My son’s ankle has never felt better!!! I’ll let you know if he scores the game winner in this years NCAA Finals… Thank you Jonathan and the entire Able Physical Therapy Staff.”


“I am grateful for the opportunity to publicly thank the Able Therapy team for the care they have provided while recuperating from rotator cuff surgery. The calm, professional atmosphere combined with their skill level is making my recovery less painful, with excellent progress and I’m looking forward to a full recovery. Also, they are always on time!! Thanks Able Physical therapy.”


“I had a very good experience at Able Physical Therapy after my knee replacement. Everyone was so nice. I would recommend Able to anyone and in fact I have suggested them to friends. They were just as pleased.”


“I had a fantastic experience at Able Physical Therapy during my recovery for a distal biceps tear and surgical re-attachment. The staff is wonderful and they really helped minimize the pain and discomfort while I’m healing. I feel like I will make a complete recovery. Thank you for all your help.”


“I think Able Physical Therapy kept me from needing a back operation!”